By Janet Serra

Posted: 10/02/2014 21:27:11

The Carriage House at the Torrington Historical Society is hosting a show of folk art paintings through October 31 of Charles Besozzi, a self taught artist who began painting in his 50s. 

In the 1970s, inspired by the American Bicentennial, Charles Besozzi began painting American historical scenes. Among the subject matter which he depicted in his folk art paintings were events relating to the Revolutionary War, the life of Abraham Lincoln, slavery in America, and the Salem Witch Trials.  The artist's interpretation of these key events from our nation's history is the subject of this show.

Like many self-taught artists, Besozzi's style lacks the perspective and form that is seen in the work of academically trained artists. However, the artist's gift for storytelling, and his interpretation of historic events using his unique style, makes these paintings a delight to see. Like Grandma Moses, Besozzi often relished in depicting events from days gone by and in particular, scenes from everyday life. His paintings, such as "Town Meeting in Old New England" and "Country Fair" are examples of such work.

After touring the Carriage House, don't miss a tour of the grand Victorian Mansion that is also on the property and beautifully maintained by the Torrington Historical Society. 

The suggested donation for admission is $2. and free to Members.