Sherman Historical Society Victorian Christmas


10 Rte 37, Sherman, CT Phone: 860-354-3083.

10am-2:00-pm. Children in grades 1st-5th are invited to join us for some educational and fun-filled programs. We are coordinating our schedule around early dismissal and days out for the Sherman School, be our programs are open to any child. Registration and Fee applies.

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum A Day at The Museum – From 2D to 3D: Miniature Environments


258 Main St, Ridgefield, CT

Drop off: 9 to 10 am. Programming: 10 am to 4 pm Pick up: 4 to 5 pm Grades 1 to 3 $75; $65 member. Join us for a full day of art-making and exploration. Work with artist and Aldrich educator Noah Steinman to create unique environments in both two- and three-dimensions. During the first half of the day, students will produce a unique mixed-media painting of a landscape from their own imagination. Then, students will create a three-dimensional sculpture inspired by their paintings. Students should bring a water bottle and nut-free lunch and snack.

Bent of the River Connecticut Bird Atlas Kick-off


185 East Flat Hill Rd, Southbury, CT Phone: 203-405-9113.

7-8:30 pm. The Western CT Bird Club and the Audubon Center at Bent of the River together with the state birding community will be called on to conduct surveys for the Connecticut Bird Atlas Project starting in 2018. The project will focus on all birds that breed, winter or migrate in Connecticut.



37 Elm Street, Ansonia, CT Phone: (203) 735-1908..

11 am - 2 pm. $5 for 18 cookies (all homemade). Free admission donations appreciated

Gunn Memorial Library Renaissance & Baroque Artists of the Fair Sex


5 Wykeham Rd, Washington, CT Phone: 860-868-7586 .

6:30-7:30 pm. Formerly of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, art historian, Veronique Sintobin Dulack, delivers an illustrated presentation, Renaissance and Baroque Painters of the Fair Sex. What did it take for Sofonisba Anguissola (1535 - 1625), Lavinia Fontana (1552 - 1612) and Artemisia Gentelischi (1593 - 1652) to become professional painters? Their life story and artistic production echo the creative trials of modern day female artists. Their accomplishments have made it possible for other generations to follow in their footsteps. Véronique Dulack will highlight the lasting impact of these legendary women

Norfolk Library Norfolk Library Classic Film Series


9 Greenwoods Rd. East, Norfolk, CT

7-8:30 pm.Explore Hollywood's extensive pre-digital canon of fantastic films, forgotten classics, and silent movies as the Norfolk Library classic film series continues on Thursday, November 9, at 7:00 pm, with It Happened One Night, a 1934 romantic comedy starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. The film is considered one of the greatest romantic comedies in film history and a pioneering "screwball" romantic comedy, which set the pattern for many years afterwards along with another contemporary film The Thin Man (1934). The escapist theme of the film, appropriate during the Depression Era, is the story of the unlikely romantic pairing of a mismatched couple – a gruff and indifferent, recently-fired newspaper man (Gable) and a snobbish, superior-acting heiress (Colbert) – a runaway on the lam. It is a reversal of the Cinderella story (the heroine rejects her wealthy lifestyle), a modern tale with light-hearted sex appeal in which courtship and love triumph over class conflicts, socio-economic differences, and verbal battles of wit. There's nothing like watching a movie classic on the big screen! Come early (6:30 pm) for refreshments.



20 Greenwoods Rd. W, Norfolk, CT Phone: 866-666-6306.

8 pm. From "Sister Kate" released in 1971 to her most recent CD "Fair Time!" Kate has been bringing poignant and rocking tunes your way. She is joining us in Norfolk and currently touring with her "Sister Kate Revisited" tour in which she is performing her album in its entirety with some new twists. Joining them is folk duo powerhouse The Nields who have been touring together for nearly 30 years. This will be an amazing intimate evening of beautiful harmonies and enchanting lyrics. Come join us and grab your pair of tickets now.



15 Under Mountain Rd., Salisbury, CT Phone: 860-435-0030.

6-7 pm. Reckoning with Race confronts America's most intractable problem and why the nation cannot have a frank discussion about race. It examines racial issues through black voices. The book outlines in a provocative, novel manner the black America's experience from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present. It explodes myths about the South as America's exclusive racial scapegoat. The book moves to the Great Migration north, the urban ghettos, and current events and conditions. The evergreen topics of identity, assimilation, and separation come to the fore in Dattel's balanced, uncompromising, and unflinching narrative. Despite civil rights legislation, the racial divide between the races remains a chasm. A plethora of reports, commissions, conferences, and other highly visible gestures, purporting to do something have generated publicity, but educational and economic gaps persist.

White Memorial Conservation Center Museum Children Free Week

11/09/2017 to 11/15/2017

80 Whitehall Road, Litchfield, CT Phone: 860-567-0857.

Free admission to children ages twelve and under when accompanied by an adult.

The Silo Kids “No Homework” Cooking Party


Upland Road, New Milford, CT Phone: 860-355-0300.

Thursday, November 9th, 10am-1pm. and Thursday, November 9th, 2:00-5:00pm. If your child is out of school today, they will not be given homework. Invite them to spend their free time in The Silo kitchen while having fun cooking with other children their age to create their own "Chef's Special" ... complete with dessert. Groups with be led by Chef Deborah Miller and taught valuable tips and cooking techniques as they are encouraged to use their imaginations for a delicious meal. This is sure to be a fun day off for ALL!00pm.