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11. The Stone Museum and Peoples State Forest

To visit The Stone Museum, drive into People's State Forest, the museum is on the left. Built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps of local fieldstone taken from old stonewalls and American chestnut which was salvaged from the trees killed by the chestnut blight, the museum exhibits mounted taxidermy specimens of many mammals and birds that are common in the forest in addition to a wide range of Indian artifacts, including soapstone and Indian pottery bowls, arrowheads and other weapons, tools and decorative art. Flora and fauna identification is easy and fun with samples of twigs, bark and wood of local trees on display, and electric games to match animal tracks, trees and birds with their pictures. Dioramas show events in the history of Peoples Forest including Camp White, Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Soapstone Quarry. Trail maps and forest information is displayed on a board in front of the museum when it is closed. Continue your drive to Riverton.