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9. Timeless Architectural Gems

The house on 27 Main St. built in 1787 was the house of Mary Hawley's grandfather, Judge William Edmond and the person that the Town Hall, was named after. Across the street, is a colonial house, (32 Main St.) built in 1795, that was an inn popular during the stagecoach era owned by several generations of the Baldwin family.

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library was a posthumous gift of Newtown's benefactress, Mary Hawley. Today, the library houses Mary Hawley's elegant dining room and a variety of historic collections. A comprehensive architectural guide of Newtown may be purchased here.

A few doors down, is the three generational family home (19 Main St.) of Mary Hawley, whose family amassed a fortune in hardware and agricultural implements. Following her short lived marriage and European honeymoon to a local minister she lived in seclusion here. Before she died in 1930, she established several trust funds and donated a number of noteworthy buildings to her beloved Newtown.