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6. The Summit and Picture Perfect Peaks

Perched on the summit of Bear Mountain, is a monument commissioned by Robbins Battell of Norfolk in 1885, and built by a Salisbury stonemason to proclaim this spot as the highest point in Connecticut. It is said that Robbins Battell could see this monument, from his living room at the Whitehouse in Norfolk. Today the Whitehouse is the site of the Norfolk Music Festival and Yale Summer School of Music and Art.

Since the advent of World War II, it has been determined that the state's highest point is on a shoulder of Mount Frissel, whose summit is in Massachusetts.

This exhilarating trek rewards those that reach this windswept mountaintop with a panorama that is breathtaking. The summit is surrounded by picture perfect peaks, rolling hills and glistening lakes. To the west is Mount Frissell, Round Mountain, Brace Mountain and the Catskills, to the east is Salisbury's Twin Lakes and Canaan Mountain. The southeast reveals stupendous views of Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall and Haystack Mountain in Norfolk. The north offers views of Mount Everett (the mountain with the tower), Race Mountain and Mount Greylock.