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7. The Descent

Begin your descent by following the white blazes. In ten minutes, you will reach another splendid view to the south and west. A rock to the right of the trail provides a perfect vantage point to look down on Riga plateau and beyond to a stunning view of Mount Gridley, Brace, Mountain and Round Mountain.

Following the white blazes, your descent continues on a rocky path that can be tricky in inclement weather. When you reach an old woods road, turn left onto the road, and continue following the white blazed Appalachian Trail.

Soon you will reach a T-junction, known as Riga Junction, where the Appalachian and the Undermountain Trails meet. Take a left onto the blue blazed Under Mountain Trail and follow its steep descent through a mixed hardwood and conifer forest for 1.9 miles to the hiker parking lot where this loop began.