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14. Charles Ives - Musical Maverick and Tarrywhile Park and Mansion

To see the birthplace of Charles Ives and the Tarrywhile Mansion, continue on Main St., take a right on South St., after 500 yards, take a left on Mountainville Ave., The Charles Ives House is located at 5 Mountainville Ave and is owned by the Danbury Historical Society. The house is open by appointment.

Charles Edward Ives was born in Danbury in 1874 and was considered an American modernist composer and somewhat of a maverick. His musical techniques of polytonality, polyrhythm, and aleatoric elements were not popular in his day. He became a successful insurance salesman writing music in his spare time. In 1947 he won the Pulitzer Prize for Music for Symphony No. 3. Popular in Europe, Ives is widely regarded as one of the first American composers of international significance. Retrace your steps.

Continue on Mountainville Rd., bear right on Southern Blvd. and follow to Tarrywhile Park and Mansion, one of Danbury's most popular parks. There are 28 miles (45 km) of trails as well as several ponds located in this 800-acre (264 hectare) park. The historic Shingle style Victorian mansion built in 1897 evokes the style of a bygone era with elegant rooms filled with warm wood panels and lovely 18th century accents. This gracious house combined with perennial gardens and forested hillsides form a spectacular backdrop for weddings and special events. Retrace your steps to the intersection of South St., Main St. and Rte. 53 go (straight) on Rte. 53 south to Bethel.