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18. Connecticut's Valley Forge

After exploring Bethel continue on Rte. 302 east to Redding. At the junction of Rte. 302 and Rte. 58, take Rte. 58 south to Putnam Memorial State Park known as Connecticut's Valley Forge. It was here during the Revolutionary War, in the winter of 1778 - 1779 that a total of 3,100 troops were encamped here.

Just as these tough seasoned troops finished building their huts made with logs and plastered with wet dirt, one of the worse snowstorms in the state's history hit. Tempers flared as food ran out and the snow continued to fall. A group from General Huntington's Connecticut Brigade mutinied and decided to march on Hartford for overdue supplies. General Putnam rode to the camp from his headquarters in West Redding and dissuaded the troops from marching on Hartford with a heartfelt patriotic speech. The troops left in March and April for various assignments, but most went to the Hudson Highlands to block the British in New York City.