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3. Idyllic Candlewood Lake

At the intersection of Gillotte Rd., bear right to the next stop sign then bear right at the stop sign onto Rte. 39 north. At the intersection of Rte. 37 and Rte. 39 in New Fairfield continue on Rte. 39 north to Sherman.

Driving along Rte. 39 you pass lovely views of Candlewood Lake whose shoreline dominates 2,800 acres of New Fairfield with many bays, coves, islands and peninsulas.

Candlewood is the largest lake in the State and one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. The Connecticut Light and Power Company created the lake in 1927-1929 as a reservoir for a hydroelectric plant on the Housatonic River. Today the lake is popular spot for boating and fishing.

Although it was almost called Lake Danbury, Candlewood Lake got its name from New Milford's Candlewood Mountain that rises from its shores. The mountain got its name from early settlers who learned how to make candles from pine trees that grew on the mountain. When young pine saplings are cut, the wood produces a gummy resin that is flammable. The Native Americans used pine knots as torches and the early settlers followed their lead calling the pine "candlewood".

To your right just before the entrance to Squantz Pond State Park is a boat launch area for Candlewood Lake.

A second boat launch area is located in the State Park for Squantz Pond that has a maximum limit of 7.5 horsepower in order to maintain the quiet charm of this lovely park.