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7. Explore an Elegant Federal Colonial House

Across the street is the federally styled David Northrop House Museum built in 1829. It was a tavern offering food, drink and lodging to travelers. The second floor ballroom may have been used as a meeting place for the government long before the Town Hall was built next door. A new addition to the property is the Roger Sherman Cobbler Shop, open by appointment.  The Shop  is made from timbers from the original house that once belonged to Roger Sherman.

Today the house is furnished with local furnishings mostly from the Mallory collection. Visitors to the house will see a lovely Victorian Styled Living Room, period  laundry room and kitchen and a interesting collection of dollhouses. Upstairs in addition to a period bedroom there is an educational room that showcases the history of this small but vibrant community.

If time allows, pick up the Scenic Walking Trail brochure at the Sherman Historical Society and spend some time enjoying the quiet charm of this bucolic village.