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18. Barnes Nature Center - Mountain Laurel, Woodlands & Wetlands

Retrace your steps to the junction of Rte. 6, Rte. 69 and Maple St.; take Rte. 69 north to Burlington.

Along the way, you may want to visit the Barnes Nature Center (right on Shrub Rd. two miles) that has a Nature Museum with live and static natural history displays and a self-guiding trail system that winds its way through a variety of habitats. Several of the trails are lined with Mountain Laurel, the state flower that blooms in mid.-June through early July. Retrace your steps.

Continuing on Rte. 69 north you will pass Sessions Woods a Wildlife Management Area. The three - mile gravel hiking trail is especially interesting because it has side paths that lead to areas featuring demonstration sites showing wildlife practices for large tracts of land and how these practices can be incorporated into average backyards to enhance wildlife habitat.