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2. Placid Waters of the Upper Housatonic

Few pastimes are as relaxing as paddling the placid waters of the upper Housatonic River. The water on this entire excursion is flat.

Here the river is broad and smooth, with just enough current to keep you moving at a gentle pace. This idyllic stretch of river meanders past meadows ablaze with wildflowers, golden fields of corn and alfalfa, classic colonials with manicured lawns, rustic barns crowned by weather vanes, and cows, grazing in sundappled pastures.

Drifting along, you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, kingfisher or peregrine falcon overhead, see a turtle basking in the sultry summer sun, or watch the graceful movements of a great blue heron wading in the river. Each bend and niche of this quietwater holds yet another surprise to discover.