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2. Walk Along the Housatonic River

To begin follow the white blazes into the woods that are to the left of the Iron Bridge. The bucolic village you are visiting today was once a busy industrial community that produced an enormous variety of iron ore products. As you walk along this 1/2 mile path, look for 19th century foundations that are a testament to the iron industry that once thrived here over 150 years ago.

In a short time the white blazes will lead you to a paved road. Continue following the white blazes along this scenic country road with its bird's - eye view of the river. Just after crossing a fieldstone bridge, follow the white blazes back into the woods. Great views of the river and falls can be seen along this elevated path. The trail turns from the river and begins a short climb to what is known as the scenic overlook area.

Continue following the white blazes along a narrow wooded path and over rocks and ledges that offer a variety of splendid views of the Housatonic River and Great Falls. After admiring the views, continue following the white blazes to a canoe launch and parking area.