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5. Enjoy the Enduring Beauty of Rand's View

To reach Rand's View continue following the white blazes along a mostly level forest path. In 20 minutes, the trail turns sharply right at the intersection of the blue blazed Limestone Trail to your left. Continue 500 feet down the Appalachian Trail to Rand's View.

Rand's View, named for the family that owned Hamlet Hill Farm for many years, is considered by many to have the best views from the Connecticut Section of the Appalachian Trail. Hikers are rewarded with undisturbed views of farms and forests, a landscape that hasn't changed much in the past hundred years set against the dramatic backdrop of Wetauwanchu Mountain that rises in the left foreground. On the horizon, you will see Connecticut's Bear Mountain and Mount Everett in Massachusetts. The land for this view is owned by our National Park System and will never be developed.

Retrace your steps back to the summit of Prospect Mountain. After enjoying the view, once more, retrace your steps along the same route to the parking area where this hike began.