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12. A Birding Hot Spot - Sharon Audubon Center

At the junction of Rte. 41, Rte. 4, and Rte. 343, by the Hotchkiss Clock Tower, considered to be the landmark of Sharon built in 1885-86 from local marble and sandstone from upstate New York, take a left on Rte. 4 east.

Along the way you will pass the Sharon Audubon Center, which is affiliated with the National Audubon Society. One half of the Center's property is designated as a natural area - a sanctuary in the fullest sense. The other half of the Center's 758 acres includes 11 miles of trails that wind their way through a variety of habitats such as pond and stream, forest and field, marsh and swamp. The center has a high diversity of plant and animal life because of the diversity of habitats found here. The Center is one of the best birding spots in southern New England with over 200 species of birds spotted here.

Audubon Sharon also houses 21 Birds of Prey that have been determined non-releasable, meaning that they would not be able to survive on their own in the wild. The birds reside in large, outside aviaries which are just a short walk from the Nature Center.

Inside, you will find a children's discovery room and a main exhibit room with live and static natural history displays.