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9. Scenic Route 41

At the junction of Rte. 44 and Rte. 41 in Lakeville, take Rte. 41 south to Sharon. This is one of the most scenic roads in the state with large colonial homes, dairy farms, scores of ponds and brooks, flower strewn meadows, and range upon range of hills.

Sharon was one of the last regions in the state to be incorporated. Because of its natural resources, Sharon became a thriving industrial community. Besides farming, the greatest commercial enterprise in Sharon's history was the Hotchkiss Company founded in 1829. Andrew Hotchkiss, son of the founder of the company created many inventions including the principles that are employed by every wrench in use today. He also invented the rifled cannon projectile and as a result of this, the Hotchkiss Company supplied more shells for the armies of the North during the Civil War than all makers combined.

These industries have vanished and in the early 20th century Sharon became a summer colony that continues to this day. Today Sharon is a peaceful rural community where beautiful colonial homes are proudly maintained and blended with the community's thriving agricultural traditions.