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5. Look for the Mine Shafts

Continue following the blue blazed trail past old foundations and a series of four mineshafts, easily identified by their protective cage coverings.

Five minutes beyond the third shaft, turn right and continue on the blue trail, walk about 500 feet, and take your first left, following the blue blazes back into the woods to a boulder strewn path, carpeted by mosses and lichens.

Look for the fourth mine shaft, on the left, as the trail begins to narrow into a rugged footpath that winds through a hardwood forest dominated by hemlocks and mountain laurel to Quarry Bridge. Before crossing the bridge, take time to explore the abandoned granite quarry on the left. This is one of eight light gray granite quarries located throughout Mine Hill.

The quarries of Mine Hill began to operate in 1850 and were worked until 1961. If you look carefully at the blocks on the side of the trail, you will see drill cores where the stone was split against the grain. Granite from the quarries of Mine Hill was used in the construction of New York's Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, and East River Drive.