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11. The Meadow & Return to the Nature Center

As you meander through this wetland, you will cross two bridges. After crossing the third bridge, turn left onto the blue trail. This section of trail follows Falls Brook through a mixed hardwood forest. Walking through the forest look for shagbark, hickory, and oak trees whose nuts provide food for the wildlife of the center. You will also see white pine trees and paper or American white birch trees easily identified by their peeling, chalky white bark. In the summer, the trail is edged with a variety of ferns, including the cinnamon fern with its rusty brown center spore stalk. As you approach the Nature Center you will notice a meadow to the right of the trail. In the summer the meadow is full of sun loving plants like stag horn sumac and blackberry bushes that provide berries for wildlife found here. Follow the blue blazes to the Nature Center where this loop began.