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2. The Descent From Colebrook

0.0 From Town Hall in the center of Colebrook facing the intersection of Rte. 182 A , Rte. 183 and Smith Hill Rd, in front of the Church, bear left onto Smith Hill Rd. which is noted for its rolling terrain.

2.0 The road begins to descend as you approach the sharp curve of Smith Hill Rd., bear left and continue to descend.

2.1 At the fork of Smith Hill Rd. and Deer Hill Rd., bear left onto Deer Hill Rd. and begin the steepest descent of the ride. Be extra careful of the winding curves of this narrow but lightly traveled road.

3.6 At the junction of Deer Hill Rd. (cemetery on your right) and Rte. 8 take a left onto Rte. 8 north. This section of Rte. 8 has two lanes and a wide shoulder.