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10. Kent's Artistic and Agricultural Past - Sloane Stanley Museum

Continue on Rte. 7 north to The Sloane Stanley Museum that displays collections reflecting the great American heritage of craftsmanship and original art by Eric Sloane, artist, illustrator, and author of more than 30 books. Eric Sloane, donated his extensive collection of 18th and 19th century farm tools and implements to the museum. The tools on display were arranged by Mr. Sloane to present them in an artistic and educational fashion.

Eric Sloane wrote many books on the reverence that early settlers had for wood and how they developed skills to design many of the ingenious tools found on display here. Shortly after the museum first opened, Eric Sloane financed the creation of a gallery so that his works could be placed on display and enjoyed by the public. After his death, Eric Sloane's Warren Connecticut studio was re-created at the museum and its contents moved here to represent a working studio of the artist and writer.

The land and building for this museum was donated to the State by The Stanley Works to commemorate 125 years of manufacturing quality tools.