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2. Stroll through a Mixed Hardwood Forest

Begin your Romantic Ramble by going through the wooden gate and following the yellow blazes into the woods.

Stroll hand in hand, along an old wood road that wends its way through a mixed hardwood forest. Like romance, each season in Litchfield Hills has its own special treasure trove of delights!

In the spring, the forest is fresh minty green with shafts of sunlight breaking through the evergreens, illuminating the colorful panoply of wildflowers.

The sultry trees of summer, mostly oak and maples are brilliantly adorned in a rich intoxicating green mantle that is always at its most intense when the leaves are gorged with chlorophyll.

A walk in autumn's amber light, under a jeweled canopy of tree's, ablaze with the passionate fire colors of the season -- cinnabar and citron, molten rubies, topaz and copper, is unforgettable.

In the winter, listen for the whisper of snowfall, as you glide through viridescent stands of hemlocks, iced with luxurious stoles of snow, like beautiful women wrapped in fur - glistening with the silver filigree of bare branches and punctuated by a sapphire blue sky.