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5. At the Summit of Historic Dennis Hill

The summit of Dennis Hill is reached by going up the paved road to an octagonal bungalow with a roof top observation platform.

The bungalow was built in 1908 by Dr. Frederick S. Dennis, a prominent New York City surgeon who had it designed to resemble the open stone wool markets of Wales. At one time, this hilltop bungalow had leaded glass windows, parquet floors, and elegant furnishings. The house was well known for its unique Spanish room that included a cryptic Mayan design, still visible today above one of the small fireplaces.

The bungalow provided the perfect setting for many of Dr. Dennis's lavish soirees whose guests included the President and Mrs. Taft, the Mayo Brothers, Walter Damrosch, Dr. William Welch of John Hopkins and perhaps his most famous patient, Andrew Carnegie. It was Dr. Dennis who persuaded Mr. Carnegie to establish the famous Carnegie Laboratory of Medical Research.

Today, visitors can step out of their cars on the same porte cochere as Dr. Dennis's guests once did as they arrived or departed from one of his posh parties.

Dennis Hill offers spectacular panoramas in all four directions. Looking to the north, you will see the bucolic village of Norfolk and Haystack Mountain behind it. To the south, is a vista of Torrington and East Winchester. To the west, you will see Mount Everett and Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, Bear Mountain in Connecticut, and the Green Mountains in Vermont.