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11. Continue on the Boardwalk to Little Pond

The Boardwalk wends its way through wetlands and woodlands that provide shelter for the areas wildlife. Soon you cross a second bridge that traverses Bantam River. The Boardwalk continues to wend its way through verdant foliage interspersed with a colorful palette of wild flowers. At the V in the trail the Boardwalk ends momentarily, bear left, taking a small dirt path that brings you back to the boardwalk on the way to Little Pond. Wild Roses and Queen Anne's Lace, nature's bridal bower, punctuated by purple and yellow loosestrife and delicate forget-me-nots edge the summer Boardwalk. In the fall, swamp maples add brush strokes of red, scarlet and crimson to the landscape while waterfowl and summer birds begin their migration south. Winter's wonderland comes in endless shades of white and countless ice formations mixed with beaver and otter footprints. Spring's palette is magical with a medley of new green, new life and a profusion of colorful wildflowers that emblazon the Boardwalk.